Green Sp5der Hoodie

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4 reviews for Green Sp5der Hoodie

  1. Jason Machen

    Definitely love the size the 4X that’s a navy blue jacket it’s lightweight carries the hoodie
    Comfortable, cozy ,lightweight material it’s a zip down jacket. Pockets are small, needs to be washed in cold water it is 100% cotton.
    If you decide to throw it into the dryer on a low heat 15 minutes to 20. That’s why I purchased mine just a little bit bigger plus I love using it as a blanket if need be , I’m more comfortable that way I can move around a lot more easier.

  2. Robert Tena

    Stunning and comfortable.

  3. Greg G.

    Believe this is actually very soft and a very nice Hoodie
    and super comfortable. Other brands do not stack up against this Hoodie

  4. Pen Name

    love this hoodie. recommended

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